Snow is predicted for tonight; six to twelve inches. I was relieved when I heard this; part of me feared we'd have to live through the rest of the winter with just the cold, without the beautiful white blanket that makes it worthwhile.

Not much else to report. Tonight we are in bed with our laptops, which is worse than the couch. Such is the exhaustion of life with two small kids, one of them down with strep, feverish and peevish, nearly ten years into this adventure we call marriage.



mitch said...

beautiful photo. thank you for sharing! hoping everyone is back to health soon, xoxo

Alto2 said...

I love a "snow sky". I try to explain what it looked (and smelled) like to my kids, but they think I'm crazy. There is nothing more peaceful than your first breath of icy air after new-fallen snow.

Blah, it's 70s and sunny in The Zone. I miss Stuntmother already. Sniff.

My brilliant idea for your H, is to do a screenplay adaptation of "Green Acres" loosely based on your new lives as country folk. If he writes it, can I get a credit??

goodfellow said...


Here, it is just grey.

February 14th it will be 19 years. I can't believe it...

And we'd be side-by-side with our laptops if we had laptops; as it is, we spend the (post-child) evening fighting over custody of the (newer, faster) Apple.

Otherwise, I watched Ugly Betty tonight dubbed in French, which is...odd. The voices are all wrong. That was one of the many great things about the Netherlands -- they never dub English programs.

I can't believe there will be no pilot season. Since U.S. programming makes up the major portion of the t.v. schedule in Europe, I am hazarding a guess that I will have a 4th opportunity to catch Season 14 of E.R.