After last week's violent cold, the world --our corner of it, to be specific--is growing warmer. We've been hearing the steady drip of melting snow and ice since yesterday afternoon, and when I pulled into the garage after the morning school run the sound of our neighbor's rushing creek was so loud that it stopped me, as I wondered if that much water could be running hundreds of yards away and make as much noise as I was hearing. Yes, is the answer. We are months away from mud season, but about, it seems to enjoy a preview. It's confusing to us as newcomers, so I can only imagine how the poor plants feel.

Today begins the Babe's first full week of preschool. She didn't want to go this morning; that was about the third thing out of her mouth after she climbed into our bed at 6 a.m., after, "Mommy! Daddy! I AWAKE!" and "Where my other be-be? Oh, here it is." and the ensuing contented slurpy sucking. (A "be-be", for those not initiated into Orloffese, is a pacifier, and the Babe, like her brother before her, is an addict.) Mondays are always hard, so I kept gently pushing everything forward this morning and we made it out the door and to school on time, with time to spare for the sorting and stowing of all the stuff.

But her tears started as soon as she saw that I meant business; her entreaties to come home with me and "have more mommy" were falling on ears that, while definitely not deaf, weren't exactly receptive. Or at least, that's what I pretended. The Babe is such a rock most of the time that for her to break down like this was really, really hard to see; as I told the H later, during a morning walk down by our creek and barns and checking in with the chicks, I expect protest and tears from Dido; he's sensitive, and dramatic, and prone to highs and lows. The Babe, on the other hand, lets you know when you've displeased her, but she's tough. Much tougher than me, for sure. So to see her really crumpling this morning was brutal. Her teacher gently guided her away from me and into the classroom before I had a chance to cave. I saw them hugging through the window as I walked back to the car.


rebecca said...

I still can't. Cannot. I've tried, believe me. But I just no longer care who rules this country. Not since Mondale!

rebecca said...

Whoops, this was supposed to go with the post about the election!