on my couch. Laptop in hand, the H next to me, with his laptop similarly esconced. This is the fate of the middle aged when they don't have cable. Truly, truly pathetic. We're so boring that our au pair would rather watch "Titanic" on TV (she has cable, in her room only) than hang out with us.

I am glad to be home. Leslie's mom had surgery today and seems to have weathered it well. Her recovery will be long and hard, but Leslie sounded ecstatic to have it behind them. It's a cliche, but old age is not for the faint of heart. Odessa, Leslie's mom, is one tough lady, and she will need every bit of her iron will to get through the next few months. I was really glad to be there for them both, and loved being in the city (I haven't been since we went for the "Mighty Heart" premiere in May, which was fun, sort of, and stressful, lots of--this trip was intense, but also wonderful, and didn't involve midtown, which is always a plus.) I rode the bus and the subway, saw my darling friend, and went to Zabar's on the way home. Perfect.


monika said...

I have been trying to persuade (hint, suggest, ask, demand, badger, nag...) the H to have an extra phone line installed so that we can get digital tv (apparently, we cannot get cable, although the houses right in front of us have it... the reasons do not make any sense to me) so that we can at least get most British stations (and I can once again resume watching Coronation Street).

Glad to know your friend's mom is doing well, and jealous that you visited The City (which I have been passionately in love with since the age of 4, and am now so distant from).

Here's my email btw; I think I have cracked into my own google account, and so am not using the H's.

monika said...

oops. I think I needed to check a box in order for you to have access to my email (it's all in German at my end, so I miss these things...)