Let's get political

Back in the days BW (Before He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named--let's face it, he and Voldemort have a lot in common) I used to post political musings. A lot. I got dispirited after the Kerry loss. And it's taken me a long time to decide who to support in the upcoming election. I like the idea of a woman president (what woman doesn't? Ok, don't reply. I know. A lot don't, but that's sad) but the woman running doesn't have a platform that meshes with my views, though I think she's a brilliant person and a consummate pol. From a pure policy standpoint, Edwards is more in line with my beliefs, but I don't think he'll go the distance. I'm not sure Obama can either, but I'm sure going to love the attempt. To finally be inspired by a politician is an experience that is so shocking that I am still processing my reaction to his post-Iowa victory speech.

I found this post on today's HuffPo enlightening. Not only is it an education in desperation politics, it also quickly clarifies some of Obama's positions, if you're not familiar with them.


swimgirlseries said...

Very interesting.

Another blog I love,I'm Doing the Best I Can, has an intersting post on the election.

Dawn is a white woman married to black man and feels america is far more willing to vote Obama than Hillary b/c he may be black, but he's still a man.

And wrote that many white americans may feel that by voting Obama, it "wipes the slate of long standing racial inequities clean. As in 'Hey, look - I voted for a black guy - See! No racism here!'"

swimgirlseries said...

Upon re-read of my comment I wanted to clarify that of course I don't mean to imply that's why you are supporting him!

You know how a cooment may be interpreted in blogland. And for the record I like him too. I also think Hillary would do a good job.

I've heard people muse that if she has a lousy term, even if it's just because she's inheriting a whole lot of problems, it may be a long time before we ever get the chance to vote for a woman again b/c people will say a woman couldn't handle the job. Now that's a depressing thought...

goodfellow said...

yes, yes, *yes*!!!!

I was just doing my evening check, hoping all day that Mieke would blog about the election, got disappointed that she hasn't, and then (yippee!!) found that you have! (forgive my excitement, but I have been dying out here for some good commentary/discussion).

And, even more amazing, we have pretty much the same view on things. I say pretty much, because I disagree that Edwards cannot go the distance -- I think that he can, and will. It is far too early to count him out. And I still cannot get turned on to Obama.

I agree with you wholeheartedly about Hilary; did you happen to read Gloria Steinam's op/ed in the NYTimes today? She really hits the nail on the head. Gender is still a restrictive force in North America, although it's a cakewalk compared to here (umm, CH that is). We watched the French presidential election debates between Sarko and Segoline Royal, and were quite astonished by the French perceptions. We were of the impression that Segoline Royal won the debate -- she was far more knowledgeable, had her facts and arguments straight, whereas Sarkozy was very glib and arrogant, playing fast and loose with the facts. The French however, were of the impression that Segoline Royal was not "serene" enough; that she became too emotional during the debate (something we read as forceful, not shrill or emotional). Sarkozy was no more "serene", but he was not judged the same way. Well, they are reaping what they sowed, as now the French are becoming rapidly disenchanted with their new president, finding him overly focussed on his personal life and not working hard enough for France; nothing in my eyes has changed -- he was a shallow egomaniac during the campaign, and remains one today.

My background is as a senior government policy analyst. In previous incarnations, I have served a previous head-honcho in our version of the West Wing. So, even though our context is somewhat different (things work differently, different structure, etc.), I have an inside-government perspective. I know what it takes, and how incredibly hard it is, to bring change about. The only one with the mettle to do it is Edwards. Obama's vision is hopelessly naive in my opinion. He is charismatic, he has that special something, but that does not mean he has the strength that the next president of the United States needs to right the wrongs of the past 8 years.