Can't sleep

So why not fix a broken link. Try this, for the fantastic Suzanne Goin cookbook that provided our menu: braised short ribs, potato puree, swiss chard with two kinds of baby onions. Yum.


Alto2 said...

I trust your dinner party was a success. As for that fabulous food writer, she's a woman like you and me. She puts her slightly torn underwear on one leg at a time and has to race to CVS at the last minute for stockings and tampons like the rest of us.

goodfellow said...

Your dinner party sounds divine. You've sold me on your cookbooks, despite the fact that there is no way that I would be able to replicate the recipes in my kitchen here.

We had a lovely meal in Turin -- best pasta I have ever had, and when I asked T what her favourite thing in Italy was, she said "the meat you made me eat" -- it was an amazingly tender saltimboco. We just lucked into this place, as we parked in front of it, and noticed all the people coming and going. If we hadn't been hanging around to change the baby's diaper, we might not have caught all the traffic.

Turin was beautiful, and Italians wonderful. More people interacted with our children in 3 hours in Turin than 10 months in Geneva. A delight. And I am already planning a return trip to try the "salame e formaggio" shops we came across.

The most surprising revelation was the type of films Italians are into: I went into a DVD store, and the shelves were lined with auteur films and classics. The tv in the store window was screening Werner Herzog's Fitzcarraldo, and the movie theatre we came across was playing Denys Arcand's latest, Barbarian Summer, In the Valley of Ellah, and Ang Lee's Lust, Caution (this place does not seem to be an art house cinema). Wow.

And to cap off our weekend, we watched the H's Why We Fight. His episodes have held us riveted; kudos to him. (and that Italian DVD store, although small, had the same special box set of the series that we have, albeit in Italian).