Good company?

I followed a lead from the Happiness Project to this site, and poking around, discovered this.

I always thought I was alone in feeling burdened by the tiniest things--mundane but necessary tasks, like, say, washing your face, or flossing your teeth: the sheer regularity of having to do something every single day seemed unbearable--not painful, but like a burden you cannot lift not because it's too heavy but because you simply cannot stand to raise your arms out of sheer boredom. When medicated, I generally feel less overwhelmed, but even with better living through chemistry, I sometimes feel unbearably put upon by flossing.

Few things I've discovered I have in common with others have surprised me more. I really thought I was the only person who is this nutty, but it's comforting to now know of at least one other.


swimgirlseries said...

I too hate to floss. I'm lucky b/c I have good teeth (only 1 tiny filling in all my permanent teeth, and that was after nursing the 3rd kid) and pretty healthy gums for one who does not floss.

I comprise and use those plastic flossers though, semi-regularly.

goodfellow said...

If you're nutty, than so am I.

I have similar experiences with flossing - although I have only 1 cavity (well, okay, 1 crown, but I don't count my root canal, because it was caused by an impacted wisdom tooth), and pretty good peridontal measurements, the bleeding when I floss turns me off (although I have been going through a flossing spurt lately). Pierre is the main floss consumer in this household.

(and don't get me going on face products -- I simplified and it still seems too much)

No really Paige, you are eerily similar in your nuttiness to me. I am thinking it must be a Wood Snake thing...

Alto2 said...

My lethargy about flossing led me to bone loss in my mouth and perpetual periodontal care. I am not fanatic about flossing but better than I was before.

The mundane tasks that drive me batty and paralyze me are paperwork at my desk and laundry. Laundry paralyzes me.