My blogging streak, and my heart. My dear, dear, dear friend's mother died tonight. I am off to New York in the morning to be with her.

On a note that now seems totally trivial. for all that have asked about last night's dinner, it went swimmingly. The food was delicious and everyone seemed to have a great time. The menu came from this favorite cookbook, and here, and in addition, here.

More later.


Alto2 said...

Having lost my father last October, I can fully appreciate your friend's pain at the loss of her mother. My greatest comfort at the funeral was NOT my extended family but were my best friend (who drove an hour to be there), my maid of honor (who stayed and watched my mother's house all day), and my first friend from law school (who drove 2+ hours) to be there for me. Your friend will cherish your presence. Trust me.

May the memory of your friend's mother be forever blessed.

goodfellow said...

I am so sorry to hear of your friend's loss, and of your sadness. She is very lucky to have such a friend as you.

jen said...

paige -- give my love to leslie. xoxo jen