Nearly six weeks until winter

And it's 24 degrees outside. What in the world was I thinking?


Anonymous said...

it's way too blah and warm here in los angeles-foggy and grey and too hot for sweaters but too cold for shorts. Just blah. I envy you when we're in a place whose geographic highlights are like, costco and attractively landscaped freeway medians.

love to you. xxome

Lori N said...

Just wait until March when 32 degrees feels warm!

You want to slap me now, don't you? *grin*

rebecca said...

That you're embarking on a spiritual journey not unlike that poor reckless suburban boy who wandered into the Alaskan interior without so much as a canteen, in order to build character and, I dunno, see the face of God, or something like that?

Get yourself some winter silks, ugg boots, and the best ankle-length down coat you can find. You'll be fine!

Anonymous said...

Rebecca, are you telling P her new life is akin to sitting starving on top of a bus?

She is right-you need to do some serious cold weather shopping. Which, in your case, is nice since you look so pretty in all those fall sweaters. :)

Paige said...

As we all know, I don't do starving. But thanks for the compliments, whoever you are.

Nicie said...

I tried to post this before, but here goes again, with encouragement from other pro-shopping posts (thanks!)

I am a huge fan of
1) capilene base layers from Patagonia (also they make running pants with extra stuff on them to keep you warm and dry)
2) cute hats from athleta
3) fleece headband/ear covers(your H has watched me install mine with some amusement)
4) toe and finger warmers (I buy at local tack shop, I'm sure they have them at Home Depot)
5) taking a playground ball or soccer ball to kick down the road (distraction gets you going and takes your mind off the cold)

And remember to follow Annie Dillard's First Law of the Outdoors (hereinafter to be known as the FLO): CARRY KLEENEX!