It's time for flannel sheets

Baby, it's cold outside. 28 degrees as I type this, colder in the wind, and yes, I know that's not really cold. I grew up in Chicago, after all. The H has requested flannel sheets, which is saying something, considering that he's the king of thread count. Meanwhile, a few brief notes, which I'll try to expound upon tomorrow:

1) WWYD is my new motto; Y is short for the name of my dear friend Yael, with whom I stayed in Vermont; she and her husband are truly the two neatest (as in tidy, not as in cool, though they are that, too) people either the H or I have ever encountered, and I have been inspired by her example (maybe following so closely on the heels of the Swiss experience?) Anyway, I am trying to turn over a neat and organized new leaf. (I know, I know; I'm always trying to turn over that leaf. I can dream.)

2) Heritage small farm turkeys really do taste better. A lot better. More on the turkey(s) of this holiday weekend, their modes of preparation and ensuing deliciosity later.

3) I go to back to LA for a quick visit in three days. I'm a little freaked out about it.

Off to sleep, if a screaming small child will allow it.



Alto2 said...

Flannel sheets are best acquired from The Company Store catalogue. Theirs are thick and toasty and usually reasonably priced. We still have some here in The Zone.

goodfellow said...

I like the heaviest weight flannel possible (it is the softest) -- lands' end has 6 and 6.7 ounce weights. Mind you, Garnet Hill has prettier colours, but their weights are lighter...

I am pretty finicky about sheets -- I grew up with damask duvet covers and linen; it is one of my quirks. Totally relate to the H's thread count obsession. (I spent considerable energy this fall trying to track down satin damask ticking for a custom made duvet, because I love the "swish" sound and slipperiness of it. Nuts, I know. They even thought I was nuts in Prague, as they kept telling me no one gets it anymore; too old-fashioned.)

More about the neatness. I totally get it (uh, don't get me going about clever non-toxic cleaning methods). I just wish I could afford a cleaning person here, like at home.

And please talk turkey.

I am trying to figure out how to do a holiday dinner here. Guess I have to figure out what the locals eat, because I suspect that there are no cranberries and other staples I am used to at Christmas... (apparently, at Christmas, the French are heavily into foie gras, but they buy them at special foie gras markets, but I haven't noticed any here).