Flexible Flier

Here in the northeast, it's starting to get cold. As I type this, the temperature outside is 30 degrees F, and headed south. My joints are not sure they're really ready for this return to winter, and they're even more uncertain after spending the afternoon watching scary human tricks, aka Chinese acrobats, none older than 20 I am sure, all flexible and strong beyond belief. Rather than making me feel the exalted possiblities of the human form, though, watching them today made me wince--repeatedly. Something of a shift, I think, from seeing their abilities as superhuman potential and instead, as indicators of my own looming frailty?

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Alto2 said...

One word: bathtub. Use it! Hopefully you have one of those old clawfoot tubs, like I had in my old house. If not, any tub will do.

Yes,grasshopper, winter's a-comin'. Toto, I don't think we're in L.A. anymore. You'll be fine. Stock up on board games, cards, DVDs, and order your seed catalogues now.