The Blue of Blue

The blue of blue
Is mostly grey
Ain't no silver line
No brighter day
Last of the coming up
Didn't come my way
Looks like I'm down here to stay...

Not mine. Nicholas Holmes and Carly Simon

Rough day. Nothing to do but quote sad songs.


Mieke said...

Sorry you're blue.

Jen said...

i'm with you down there. massive infestation of lice on nathaniel's head. somewhat lesser infestation on mine (YUCK!) and a little on S&A. Marc clean, of course. Thinking about you! xo

Froggymama said...

Carly Simon, Joni Mitchell, and Edie Brickell are probably the best sad-song writers of all time. Listening to Joni's "Blue" album is major catharsis for me. But I cut myself off after three replays.

btw, the Sesame Street videos made our day! What a lovely surprise. Thank you!!!