Day 1

Since I haven't posted since Sept. 11 (though I found, when I logged on, that I had started and then abandoned a post on Sept. 27) the idea that I will post every.single.day. in November is, let's just say--preposterous.

But, try I will.

Because I have Eden and Yoda to inspire me, not to mention Luisa, and the hundreds of other lunatics who've suckered up to this challenge.

And because I, at this particular moment in my particular cosmos, have LOTS to talk about. The theme for this 40th year of existence, at least its second half, seems to be "rock my world." Because that's what I'm in the process of doing, as I contemplate leaving L.A., my home of the last fifteen years, and the only home the Husband has ever known, for a farm in upstate NY. Okay, not a working farm, a hobby farm, as the real farmers call it. But it's got chickens, and room for horses, and room for small children to run until their legs turn to spaghetti underneath them.

More on this turn of events...tomorrow.


Mieke said...

I have been missing you! I can't wait to hear about you NY idea. Francesca lives a life like the one you are decribing. It's heaven. The kids LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

Melissa said...

Wow, big changes on the horizon. Good luck!