Day 14 -- Almost halfway home, baby

Taking a cue from the iniminitable (and despicable) Mrs. K., herewith my list of things I haven't blogged about, but might:

1. Purchasing my first copy of The Joy of Cooking, after reading this article in the NYT. I had heard rumblings about the controversy surrounding the last edition of the iconic cookbook, but this article sent me off to Amazon to buy used copies of both the 1997 and 1975 editions. I'm going to skip the new one for now. The blog, were I to write it, though, would really be about my mom, the cookbooks she relied upon, and why Joy was never one of them...

2. Au Revoire, Tristesse. We're going to leave it at that. This is a personal issue that I may or may not decide to blog about, though heaven knows, there's plenty of precedent in the 'sphere for me to blow the lid right off whatever privacy I may still have. How's that for ridiculously cryptic? I am having neither plastic surgery nor an affair, nor, sadly, getting rid of my minivan, so quell your speculation.

3. Why am I moving? Several people have asked me this question of late, and I'm not sure my answers are good enough; or, maybe, they don't have to be. Because I can? Because at 40, I need to shake up my life a bit? Because at 40, though I am quite sure Wolfe was write that one cannot, precisely, go home again, I do now have the confidence to know that you can return to a new version of an old experience--it will not be the same as the nostalgia, but it will not evaporate upon my leaving. (Maybe I'm moving to get rid of the damn minivan. Station wagon, oh station wagon, I am coming home to you...)

4. Vomit. Oh, right. I've already written about that. A lot. The H has informed me that I have been WAY.TOO.GRAPHIC. about the state of my GI tract in my conversational, often hourly, updates to him, so I can only assume that my lovely readers feel the same way. And I'll spare you one of the most embarassing moments of my life, which happened very recently, and which he got to share with me. Marriage is bliss.

5. Politics. Where now? The really bad bums are being thrown out, some of them anyway (Buh-bye, Rick Santorum, you evil f*ck.) But now what?

That's enough. More tomorrow. To all, a good night.

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Maya said...

I'd love to hear your take on the Joy of Cooking. I have the new one, bought when it came out, but I don't think I have ever opened it...