Day 11-- More Vomit

This time, it's mine. Apparently, exploiting your imperturbable reaction to being vomited upon by your child angers the stomach virus gods. They're here with me now, laughing as I groan and run back and forth to the bathroom. Or maybe they're cackling at the H, who had to handle the kids solo from 1:00 today (though I did manage to pull it together long enough to give the Babe her bath, but trying to put her to bed, I got lightheaded and had to run--more like stumble--back to my cave.


Mieke said...

OH NO!!! Well, it will be over soon. Poor Paige. Feel better.

I thought Borat was really funny. Not the funniest movie ever but the funniest movie of the year to be sure. But then I saw it when I knew NOTHING about it.

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel - we have caught just about every virus doing the rounds over the last month.

Here's looking forward to not catching anything else this winter... (because we have had *everything* now)