Day 9 -- oh bite me

I meant to blog last night. I did. And then...I was tired. I have a huge project, an unpleasant one, that I've been half avoiding, half baby-stepping through, and it distracted me--not because I was completing it, rather because the thought of it made me so tired that I simply turned off my nearly-out-of-power laptop and scuttled off to bed to watch an episode of "The Office." Oh well. I'm not disappointed at not being eligible for one of Mrs. K's prizes as much as I am dismayed that I couldn't keep it together to do something for 30 days straight. Lack of consistency--or perhaps, constancy--is a theme in my life, and one I (clearly) don't know how to rectify.

This morning, I thought we were going to get the New York house. Problems were being miraculously solved, pieces seemed to be assembling themselves in the puzzle--and as of tonight, it may all have fallen apart. Buying property is a roller coaster ride. I'm sad, but sanguine. Even if we don't get the dreamy farm, I'm pretty certain we're still going to attempt to move. And experiences suggests that something better may be out there. Or, at least, that we'll end up where we're meant to be. More tomorrow, and meanwhile, off to bed.

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