Day 6--It seemed like a good idea at the time

We break from our regularly scheduled chicken story to whine, just for a moment. Have I mentioned that I have committed to blogging every day? I have never blogged every day, since starting this silly blog of mine. In fact, six days in a row, where I now find myself, might be my longest run ever.

Today has been the ultimate housewife forced march, from sewer clean out to laundry to carpool and back again. I am tired, and still have a mother and a husband wanting my attention, not to mention the pile of records to be sorted for taxes, due imminently. All this by way of saying--no time to say much.

A demain.

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Jefferson said...

I'll play my violin. Just make sure you post tomorrow. A promise is a promise. A commitment is a commitment. Etc. And I'm transfixed. Not to mention anticipating massive depression if it all comes out wrong.