Massively inappropriate, or just all-American?

You decide. Today, I went to The Grove, local "outdoor experience" aka shopping mall and mommy haven, to exchange some Crocs I bought for the H. (They were too big, and weren't the holey kind. Apparently he could have foriven the size issue, if it weren't for their unhole-yness. But I digress.)

When I emerged from the parking garage, I was surprised to see lots--LOTS--of firemen gathered in the "street" which bisects the two sides of the "simulated Main Street, U.S.A." Nothing wrong with lots of FDLA, or FDNY or FD Anywhere. You gotta love the firemen. My friend Toby used to get drunk (we all got drunk a lot, then) in NY and run up the streets of the Upper West Side, extolling the heroism of the FDNY at the top of his voice. What woman, or child, doesn't have firefighter fantasy somewhere? But today, they were all on the Simulated Main Street, along with a lot of cops, and beautifully preserved vintage LAPD cars (who knew the LAPD had a car preservation position?) awaiting the begininning of The Grove's 9/11 memorial.

Right. The mall was hosting a memorial to 9/11 which was fully attended by L.A. 's finest.

Is it just me? Or are the deaths of nearly 3000 Americans not best commemorated at a shopping mall outside Forever 21 and Wet Seal?

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