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A community apple orchard originally planted for productive use during the 1920's, in Westcliff on Sea (Essex, England)Today is one of those days where I feel I have so much to type about, it's an overabundance of ideas, experiences and life to share. But it will all have to wait until later, because at the moment, I have to throw on some clothes, and run to the post office where twenty young trees--apples, pears, plums--await me, and planting. What begins, I hope, is an orchard. Stay tuned.

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monika said...

oh tell me what apple varieties you got!

esopus spitzenberg? (Washington's fave, didn't cha know?)

pineapple rheinette (my favourite),

or black oxford (from Maine)?

Mmm, I am trying to think of the name of one of my favourites, a little red apple with very white flesh that tastes cinnamony, and comes from Turkey...

We used to live near a pomologist, Canada's leading pomologist at the time, and would go to his orchard (Pomona Orchard) to buy apples and cider every week. Every week, from spring until the end of fall, the variety of apples changed, as did the flavour of the cider.

Sadly, Fred Janson got cancer, and the orchard was sold along with the house. The new owner was not into apples, and so his stock of over 350 varieties, and his root stock... too sad, too sad...