Organize your fancy pants--prize day no. 2

Unlike yesterday's prize (one of which is still available--comment soon, you unknown readers) this prize is not worth $9.95. Or, to be more precise, it's not priced at that reasonable point; rather, at least according to the manufacturer, it is worth a whopping (really, sit down, because this is just ridiculous) $495.00. Yes, you read that correctly. To be fair, it's worth about two thirds of that now, because, you see, it's a 2008 organizer, and --well, it's May. To quote the maker, that price tag is deserved because this day book isn't just for any joe shmoe; it's "for the connoisseur’s life…this diary and directory consists of listings of the world’s best art fairs, antique shows and auctions—from Art Basel to The Grosvenor—all are summarized in monthly listings that provide the world class traveler with invaluable references to the finest hotels, restaurants, museums and galleries." Yep. There you have it.

I have two of these bad boys, and I'm not using either one (they were part of the woeful swag from Hollywood Ego Smackdown) and maybe one of you will get a kick out of owning a pretentious day book that was part of the Independent Spirit Awards gift bag. So comment away--anybody can take these off my hands! (And, by the way, I have one in each color, so if you have a preference, let me know.)


monika said...

Unrelated comment here -- remember when you posted about these?


Well, just wanted to let you now Paige that I now LUST after them!!!

(although I think I want the version with pitachio edging -- still trying to decide... http://www.chiemihara.com/chiestore/default.asp?pagina=2&tipo=3&IdCSZapato=155&lim=1 )

...and it is all your fault! (must get shoes... must get money for shoes...must... )

*sigh* ....

rebecca said...

What do you mean, "know" you? Does anyone really ever know anybody else? I mean, really KNOW them? CAN we really KNOW each other??

Just give me the damn book.

Gina said...

Me too! I'll use it at work and impress my summer interns.

Seems like lunch is in order.