For those who can't get enough...

I've started updating my cooking blog again...in fact, kind of broadening it to include my so-called gardening life, as well. So if you're interested in those facets of, well, me...check it out. Some good recipes of mine, as well as links to things that have worked for me. I make no promises about whether or not kids will eat any of it though.


Gina Hyams said...

This is none of my business, but why are you compelled to keep two blogs? Seems to me food-garden-kids-marriage-chickens-writing = all the same story. Why make people click twice? Has anyone ever complained about too many recipes?

Again, not my business. It just seems weird to fracture your readership.

Paige said...

Incredible as it may seem (and to me, it does) yes, people have complained about too many recipes...and I was trying to focus my cooking thoughts on the experience of cooking here, with local ingredients, so I thought maybe it belonged in its own space, one where people weren't necessarily looking for my personal, parenting and chicken raising angst. But I hear what you're saying!

goodfellow said...

well, I am very happy that you resurrected it -- although I think it belongs here too!! (do we get a vote?)

like I posted, you inspired me to try out the Bittman spinach stuffed chicken breasts, and they turned out great -- with my own variations of course.

And I tried your squash soup a while back (last year?)

I am getting very tired of my own cooking, so someone else's ideas and picks are very welcome!