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rebecca said...

Man. Was that extemporized? No wonder you got into Yale!

Part of me really agrees with you. Another part of me wants the Clintons back in the White House so they can exact some retribution. And another part of me is scared to see Obama go down in a whole bonfire of "hope" and "inspiration". The Republicans are ruthless and tricky and you have to understand this through and through, if you want to achieve the WH. A lot of me thinks that only a player like Hilary is dirty and tough enough to beat them.

But it's not the part of me that's going to vote tomorrow, I don't think.

Don't take this down. It's too good.

swimgirlseries said...

What Rebecca said.

Meema said...

Well done.

Alto2 said...

I heard the same speech and turned to my DH and said, "There is the future of the Democratic Party." He had similar reservations as you. Now, he has come around.

Yes, she is part of the problem. She is divisive and controversial, and -- as much as I love Bill -- he is a huge obstacle to her success.

An excellent post.

goodfellow said...

Love hearing your views, which for the most part I share. I've read similar stories about Hillary as in the letter shared in the post below; different issues, the same modus operendii. To me, that smacks of weakness in a leader. And I despise equivocation. When I saw Obama first profiled, I thought the same thing.

Personally though, I tend to run away from charismatic leaders; I have a deep distrust of any situation when I am being asked to feel when I should be reasoning. Being a policy analyst, I look to the nitty-gritty policy details; and yes, Obama's health care reform proposals are weak. But make it an Obama-Edwards ticket, and I am sold.

goodfellow said...

clarification -- when I first saw Obama profiled, I too thought "there stands a future president of the United States" -