Grumpy Girl

Yep, that's me. I woke up in a funk, and it's lasted all day, the kind of mood that makes everything so unbearably irritating that you want to go to bed with your head under a pillow all afternoon in the hopes that you'll wake up in a different mind, let alone frame of mind. I am annoyed by brainless advocates for one politician over another (fine to support who you want to support, but not because your boyfriend says it's a good idea), annoyed by others' insecurities that they take out on me, annoyed by...oh, everything, and I'm not saying, by the way, that any of those things are, you know, rightfully annoying. I am feeling very junior high, and hoping like crazy that it will pass. Quickly. G'night.


rebecca said...

I got some insecurities that need to roost! Can I park 'em with you???

Nicie said...

all these ferocious contests -- Hillary v Obama, Giants v Patriots -- remind me of this poem.

Choose Something Like a Star -- Robert Frost

O Star (the fairest one in sight),
We grant your loftiness the right
To some obscurity of cloud --
It will not do to say of night,
Since dark is what brings out your light.
Some mystery becomes the proud.
But to be wholly taciturn
In your reserve is not allowed.

Say something to us we can learn
By heart and when alone repeat.
Say something! And it says "I burn."
But say with what degree of heat.
Talk Fahrenheit, talk Centigrade.
Use language we can comprehend.
Tell us what elements you blend.

It gives us strangely little aid,
But does tell something in the end.
And steadfast as Keats' Eremite,
Not even stooping from its sphere,
It asks a little of us here.
It asks of us a certain height,
So when at times the mob is swayed
To carry praise or blame too far,
We may choose something like a star
To stay our minds on and be staid.

Alto2 said...

Funny that Nicie should post that poem. I once performed a chorale song set to that poem. It was lovely and moving.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who's ever given birth should check out this website=http://www.theshapeofamother.com/submissions/

and smile. It made me cry, it was so sweet. :)