Post election letdown? Maybe. I am thrilled with the results, had a lovely day, and have spent every free moment slogging through my epic to-do list . Of course, having a to-do list is an accomplishment in itself, so I should, perhaps, cut myself a bit of slack. I still have five phone calls to make, more emails to send, a stack of bills to pay (but hey, they're opened, and the trash parts are thrown away! Do I get points for that?), a script to read, two trips to plan...and. and. and. More to come.


Anonymous said...

I kept checking in to see your thoughts on the results. I was pleased with the Dem turnout at least--they say it was about 45% of registered voters as opposed to about 10% or 15$ that we see for primaries! Whoo hoo. It’s cool to see the Obama momentum. Think some of the Clinton support are folks nostalgic for the financial goodtimes in 98, 99.

A for the bills, yes that counts. You should’ve seen the bonfire we had with all the outer envelopes, return envelopes, and “special offers” (pay bills online but still like paper statements). Unfortunately I’ve done nothing since then so they are piling again...


Alto2 said...

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