Cross your fingers

The uh, outpouring, has stopped. Let's hope poor little Babe was the only O to suffer so.

And to all, a good night.


goodfellow said...

Good to here it has stopped in the O household. Here, the baby has been throwing up all morning (the first time for him), and Miss T and I have had cramps. I am wondering if it was the sausages I bought in the market yesterday... fingers crossed it is mild, whatever it is...

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping...I have pukers too so I know how it is. Aside from the poor kiddo, the laundry. The mountains and mountains of laundry.


rebecca said...

We're in pukeville over here too. The big one chucked every 2 hours for a 20 hour span that ended only last night. No sooner do I declare her well enough for school than the little one comes home with clumps in her hair, spewing like a little vomitous volcano.

Guess what's good to do while you're at home with pukers? FREEDOM FILER! It looks GREAT, by comparison, and something you can totally drop and return to in between upchucks.

We are so totally filed. And disgusted.

goodfellow said...

Just got back from 3 days in the hospital with Viggo. He became dangerously dehydrated and lost a lost of weight -- gastro-enteritis. I think he got it from his very first play-date last week.

Great -- he's at the 3rd percentile for weight before all this happened.