This is what it looks like

When I was a girl, I remember thinking (I still do) that my mother was really beautiful. She was a beautiful girl and a beautiful woman, both, and others apparently thought so, too, because periodically someone would exclaim, "No! You're not really xxx years old! You don't look xxx..." to which my mom's stock response was, "This is what xxx looks like." There was a mix of self-effacement and sarcasm in her voice, always, and I guess I feel the same way. I look the way I look. Sometimes I look at myself and see only lines and flab and feel ancient, and other times I think, heh, not so bad, really. But, like she said, this is what it looks like.

Today is my 42nd birthday. This is what it looks like. Happy birthday to me.


rebecca said...

And girl it looks GORGEOUS!

As you do even not in pictures.

HB, love.

goodfellow said...

Happy Birthday!!!

It is great to have company in the 42-club (I joined a few months ago), especially someone who makes it look so great!

Alto2 said...

You share a birthday with my DH, except he has nearly a decade on you. IMVHO, you look fabulous for 42: your beautiful face merely hints at your wisdom and worldiness. Happy, Happy Birthday!!