All I Want is You

I never thought I'd say this, ever, in my whole, entire life: I am sick of boots. I want to wear flats, where the top of my foot is exposed to the air; peep toe pumps that show off my lovely red toes; platform strappy sandals that make me instantly not only taller but at least ten pounds lighter (you know, like how the camera adds weight? The right shoes take it right off.)


swimgirlseries said...

Ooh, yes. Shoes. Check out the sale rack at Shooz in Lenox. I scored a gorgeous patent leather cool sandle for $40, Reg $225.

Bought a very cute (but sort of "edgey" b/c they have these interesting cutouts) pair of beige camel colored leather slingbacks for work for $20 that were reg over $120.

They also has a great pair of tall black suede boots I was lusting for in my size. Reg $400 down to something like $150. I may go back!

Nicie said...

I bought red flats with pilgrim buckles. Now I have to figure out what to wear them with! Maybe my new navy pant suit from jcrew?

rebecca said...