Remember me?

You know it's been too long when your mom calls to ask when you'll be blogging again.

It's not for lack of interest, or even lack of stories to tell. My sojourn in California taught me many things (or, at least, a couple) but the relevant one at this particular moment is "never travel without your laptop." I wanted to blog--a lot--while I was there, but blogging on the iPhone, as I've complained before, is just way too much trouble, particularly when there are short people around.

Since returning last week, I've also had many, many moments of consuming desire to sit down and spill my guts and my wine, but not much time. The digging out from the post-vacation pile of crap mail, bills, and paper odds and ends has been all-consuming, not to mention getting two kids out of jetlag and back to school...So much for the excuses. I'm back. I am going down to NYC tomorrow for the day, so I may not post tomorrow, but upon my return, I promise--funny (I hope) tales of Leo, Justin, Brad, Angie, and ordinary folk like me navigating the slippery, swaggy slopes of awards-season L.A.

Stay tuned.


rebecca said...

Ooh. Spilling guts and wine. Sign me up for that one, please.

meema said...

Thank you!