Welcome, visitor from New Delhi!

Welcome, and you win the prize for this week's best Google search culminating in a visit to my blog: "stories: seeing navel of friends wife."

Now I just have to figure out what prize might be...appropriate.

More stories later from the frozen northeast. I am looking up at the sky from our guestroom window, and there are icicles along the copper gutter and snow all over the slate roof. The woods are very nearly a black and white photograph, and I can see all the way to the top of the rise, sunlight shimmering up over it. Ah.

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m said...

hi paige
just hiding from work with some colleagues at an offsite task force office...figured you'd be able to tell who hit you from albany on the sitemeter, but also figured i'd let you know that i just got the chance to catch up since around the time of the blue eggs and your writing is sweet, wistful, sad, honest, transparent, plaintive, uplifting...all quite nice. hope to see you soon