Searching for inspiration

I'm in that bad mode of blogging my head again, but mostly, I think, because time to contemplate (that is, quiet, alone, time) is in short supply at the moment. Our new au pair is wonderful but still acclimating, my mother is here, the Babe has started her "big girl" school (doesn't officially start until January but she's going this week to get acclimated--she's in heaven, which is reassuring), the H is in his customary holiday funk, and I am frantically trying to get Christmas organized for us and our extended family. I've done inspired things like somehow not having Amazon gift wrap my nephew's presents, and having them ship my mother in law's gifts here, instead of to her in Seattle. Sigh. I love and loathe Christmas simultaneously.

But it is winter wonderland here, and that is some sweet and serious solace. The H yesterday, driving in Lenox in the evening, said, with wonder in his voice, "Christmas decorations are so beautiful against the snow." (Or something like that.) My mom and I laughed--this is a guy who grew up thinking that the blue and white snowflakes hanging above Wilshire Blvd. in Beverly Hills were holiday decorations. He is through the looking glass here, and it is fun to see it through his newbie eyes.

Feast your eyes on the winter views of our barns, and the chickens, cooped up inside in the poultry penthouse and slightly peevish about the snow.


goodfellow said...

Truly idyllic!! Oh, I miss snow... and the outline of th dark bare trees... (our grass is bright green).

So what's this about a new aupair? (Fingers crossed)

And now, dear sweet Paige, I need your input... Since my father's girlfriend has banished us from spending Christmas in Prague, we are spending it with some friends from work. We have been relagated to bringing some sort of vegetable side-dish for the turkey dinner (don't know how it is being made). Do you have any simple but knock-out suggestions? (no nuts due to nut allergies, so that cuts out a lot of chestnut dishes) I was thinking root vegetables anna, but it might be tricky... I wouldn't be able to finish it there, and it would be done too far ahead at home...

(I just realized why one should pay Amazon to wra presents...Pierre just opened the box, and found his presents...)

Nicie said...

Snow here is piled up everywhere and there is more coming. Jay had to stick a snow shovel up against the side of the house and outside stair to clear snow from our bearded wreaths.

The time runs away from me, though, this time of year ... like colored sugar dropping to the floor as we decorate cookies. When will it all get done? What will I forget to do?


Mieke said...

Snow? We've only had rain. But in 24 hours we'll be in the Canadian Rockies and the boys will have their first real winter. You haven't said what Dido thinks of all of this snow - LA Boy that he was.

Froggymama said...

This makes me miss Iowa and the snowcapped...corn.