Of nature and nurture

This blog has been shocking lately in its lack of indignation. I used to blog politics all the time, and then Kerry "lost", and so I lost nearly all will to read the s0-called news. The impulse to outrage seems to be coming back, though instead of focusing on the horrors of our so-called democracy, I prefer to focus on really stupid public figures. So many! So little time! Interestingly, Bill Maher, despite his propensity for bimbos, is someone I usuallly find intelligent, if a little smarmy, and belligerent about some of his beliefs. This time, though, he's been just plain dumb in his rail against, of all vulnerable and exhausted targets, breastfeeding moms. You can watch it, and read my brilliant friend Sarah's noble riposte, here.

That pink sky up above? It was reflecting into our pond this morning, making the surface of the cloudy water shiny and pink (just the way the Babe likes, well, everything these days.) All that's missing is the quiet sound of deer eating just inside the edge of the woods, and out of sight, and the concurrent sound of my roosters, crowing.


rebecca said...

I'm still so exhausted that I can't even muster the energy for a riposte. And I haven't been nursing for two years!

What IS the big deal? Why does he sound so jealous, of babies and children? Just plain weird. And like they're so not boobs at that point in time. They're hardly boobs right now, to be honest. Just...dangly things, that keep the baby quiet.

I think he was trying to work up to a lather, but mid-way through realized it was an asinine idea and that what he really needed to do was to go fire the writer who came up with it. He looks really uncomfortable, doesn't he?

Mrs. G. said...

I have always been amivalent about Bill Maher. I like his caustic irreverent brand of humor but, like you, I find him kind of smarmy and greasy. I have always thought that deep inside his short man's complex, he might be a serious woman hater. You know the kind who is all lovey dovey when you're out to dinner with friends but then demeans you the whole ride home. Hmm...maybe I'm on to something.