Lurky friends, please say hello

So, one of the things about having a site meter is that when I check my stats, even if there's no referral for a visitor (that is, they didn't click through to me from another site that the meter captured) I can often see where they are located. So, for example, I know a couple of people very dear to me in spite of not much regular contact over the last few years have been reading. If you live in an unusual place, I know who you are. So say hello. I miss you, and would love to hear your news, or your comments on mine.


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Anonymous said...


What has the internet wrought, but a nation of stalkers ;) In all seriousness, I’ve been thinking about friends from my past a lot lately and I luckily discovered your blog. Anyhow, I’ve been glued to your last few postings as Elizabeth and I are also contemplating a big move next year. We’re 95% sure we’ll be moving to Austin, but as I’m sure you know, the process is nerve-wracking for many reasons. The lingering 5% of doubt depends on whether or not I can find work out there. I start my job search in January and once I’ve landed somewhere, we’re out of L.A. As you know, this is our hometown, all of our friends and family are here, work is here, and yet, we feel we need a big change. We’ve never lived anywhere else. As crazy as it sounds, we want to do it partly for the experience. Also, we’re expecting our first child next summer, so all arrows point out of this city because I can’t imagine raising our kid (future kids) here. The city’s become so….suffocating. Both our families think we’re insane, but we think it’s the right decision. Nevertheless, I’m constantly searching for any feedback/inspiration from folks who have moved to another city or are in the process of moving to help calm my neurosis.

Well, it’s been way too long, but I’m very glad to read you and the family are doing well. Keep up the great writing (I love the recipes!) and have a safe and happy holiday.