The check's in the mail

We did it. Signed the contract, paid our deposit. Escrow begins any minute. [deep breath in. hold. breathe out.]

Maybe I need a paper bag.

Mostly, I feel excited. Occasionally, I feel adrift. The H's moods are up and down (this is not new, nor is it caused solely by cross country relocation. He's an...emotional...guy.) The friends are either laughing or shaking their heads.

I am going to sleep.

BTW, early next month, the site I'm writing for will go public. You might think I'm more interesting when you read what I'm publishing over there. (Or not.)



Mieke said...


I think it's going to be a terrific adventure. Terrific. And you can always come back to our open arms if you get sick of small town life.

Kel said...

sounds like you guys are embarking on lifestyle change like we did 12 months ago - hang on for the ride of your life - it is worth it - most of the time :)

look forward to following your adventures and finding out more about your webwriting job