Is it drinking alone if my children are here?

Happy holidays, I say, in spite of the chaos that reigns like mean old King Herod in my happy house. That's eggnog in the picture to your left, healthily spiked with Knob Creek Bourbon and Myers Dark Rum. You need both; trust me on this. Bourbon alone tastes too mean; rum too tropical, but together, they are, like Little Bear's porridge to Goldilocks, just right. And you can use supermarket eggnog with no ill effect (and no risk of salmonella)--in our neck of the woods, that mean's the good stuff from Broguiere's Dairy, in lovely old-fashioned glass bottles.

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Mieke said...

So here is the question. Since I can't get an invitation from you for New Year's Day, how about an invitation from us? Will you venture to the wild westside and show your child the Pacific one last time before you go? PULEEZ!!! I'll cook. I am good. Not as good as you but almost.