Sisyphus and the Simple Life

The problem with me, according to the H, is that I take on too many projects, and complete none of them. I am, it seems, incredibly half-assed (except, sadly, literally.) (This is ONE of the problems with me. There are, in fact, at least several others.) As irritating as it is to admit, he's not wrong. But I think I question the assumptions of the question. At least, some of them.

I realized this morning, as I cried while pulling and hacking weeds higher than my head, getting chicken-poopy-dirt in my eyes, mouth and down my shirt, that some tasks are never done. I might get all 400 square feet of my chicken coop weed-free (not bloody likely, but I can dream) but as soon as I do, barring an unseasonable frost, they'll come back. The hopelessness of this led me to what I believe may be the first day of actual regret at having made this choice. One day of substantive regret in sixteen months is pretty good, I think, but that didn't make it feel any better.


goodfellow said...

excuse my ignorance, but I thought that part of the charm of having chickens is that they feast on weeds...won't they eat them?

(this is why I gave up on gardening, at least while the children are young... and being truly honest, I really, really, hate weeding)

Nicie said...

The better you treat your land (and even your coop), the more crazy plants will jump out of the soil the SECOND you turn your back. On my bachelorette swings back home during the work week, I have been mortified by the sudden explosions of weed life amidst our meticulously planted AND mulched (by my H) beds.

Like old age, the simple life is definitely not for sissies. Find a project to do together, and have a good laugh together as you lumber through it.

Slightly off-topic, but check out the website of Eliot Coleman and Barbara Damrosch, original back-to-the-farmers. www.fourseasonfarm.com
Totally inspiring. They spoke on North Haven last week.


Ilaria said...


this is what is so GREAT about you! that you always have a million projects and are overflowing with ambitions and desires and passions and dreams. if you do two out of a hundred that is better than people who have one boring thing they plod through. i love that you always do too many things. i hope you keep doing it. weeds are just weeds. but life is about too much! don't change. please!