My news, in a list

1. The mouse (or, at least, a mouse) is gone, dispatched not by the cat, who sat and watched while the lab, yes, the lab, toyed it into oblivion. Oh my.

2. My first national magazine piece (and it is a teeny, tiny thing, but it exists) is scheduled to run in October. Cross your fingers.

3. My latest regional magazine piece is available now around the Berkshires. If you live here, buy DinnerWhere! Read ME!

4. Next week, I start doing weekly food coverage for a wonderful website.

5. I am working with an amazing genius editor/mediatrix on a double secret, extremely cool project (her secret, not mine, or I'd tell you!) Stay tuned.

6. A wonderful person wants to give us two beautiful (rideable, trainable) horses. Am I insane? The H thinks yes. The kids think, bring 'em on.

7. I have to finish weeding the coop and build two ladders for the chiquitas so they can get outside already.

It is never, ever dull around here.


rebecca said...

This makes me very happy. Especially #2-5.

Kari said...

Now I'm even more anxious for Friday. You weren't kidding when you said you had lots of news for me.

mitch said...

Wonderful stuff brewing! Miss you!

Mieke said...

That all sounds great Paige. I can't wait to read you. Horses- YES!!!