It's here. It wasn't just the flock of robins on the hillside last week--there are bugs, and frogs, and salamanders, and green shoots everywhere. So enough navelgazing. Pictures to come.


Alto2 said...

When I lived in Ithaca, the arrival of spring was so startling -- same experience as you. One week it was grey, cloudy, misty, and raw. The next week, it would be slightly warmer, trees blooming, and the campus ablaze with color. Hail, Demeter!

Nicie said...

C'set arrive ici! And better than any wine. I was in Exeter today and went for a run on the cross country trails. There's nothing like the fresh smell of the woods along the river. At home we have daffodils, scilla and crocus, but no hyacinths yet.

Happy Poem in your Pocket Day!