Dire predictions unwarranted, sort of

In spite of my early morning irritation--hence yesterday's snarky, somewhat anti-child post--yesterday with the kids was lovely. We went to their favorite local museum, they got to eat forbidden fast food for lunch, and then the Babe passed out, Dido played, I napped (a hideous case of insomnia the night before left me wiped and, no doubt, cranky) and then we set out for Dido's violin lesson.

The day would have been perfect if only I hadn't gotten yet another speeding ticket. That's right, folks, watch out, Leadfoot Loretta is on the loose. Ack. 45 in a 30. In my defense, I thought it was zoned for 40, but--I was wrong. The cop was sweet (they all are here, which is a huge difference from L.A.--of course, in L.A., I had two experiences being stopped in sixteen years, neither for speeding...) but really. What the hell? In addition to everything else I have to work on, over in the crowded self-improvement section of my brain, apparently I also now must confront my crappy driving. Ok, universe, I get it! I'm paying attention! Thanks to the diet (and yes, Gina, I will blog about it--it's pretty great, overall) I am mentally more acute--so I have no excuse.

Today's agenda with the short people is still TBD--at the moment we're watching an old Charlie Brown baseball cartoon--but we got good news last night that Friday, we can scoot down to the city for the day and see some dear friends who are visiting from L.A...

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