A little blue perfection

Our chickens made these today. I found them on the coop floor--the nesting boxes I so carefully mounted a few weeks ago remain unexplored, the wood shavings I filled them with lofty, pristine and untamped.

The kids were waiting for me in the car this morning, while I ran to open the birds' pen so they can range, and then into the barn to check their water. When I came back cradling these treasures, they were awestruck. So am I. For one thing, I can now be sure we won't starve during the seemingly-unavoidable Writers' Guild strike, that could begin as early as next week. Now if I can only talk the H into the sheep.


Kari said...

beautiful eggs and a beautiful photo too.

goodfellow said...

...get rid of your mowing service, and then it'll be easy to convince him... but how about a rare breed?Maybe a Badger Face Welsh Mountain sheep, or Hebridean sheep, which were historically kept too grace the parkland of stately homes and for conservation grazing, or...

But back to those eggs. Araucana green... the colour of our bedroom back home... You know, in Holland, they sell special varieties of eggs at the grocery store, such as Araucana and Black Cochin. Made some of my best scrambled eggs there.

Having chickens like this, and pet farm animals is something I would love to do; I'll keep my fingers crossed for you about the sheep.

Mieke said...

Sheep are smelly. Why not goats?

Keep the pictures coming!!!

Now that you have fresh eggs, you'll never go back. The yellow of the yolk is incredible isn't it? The taste. Hmmmmmmm. Too bad the fox ate all of Francesca's chickens.