Have I mentioned we're moving?

As the lovely Mieke noted earlier this week, we had a blast of spectacular 80 degree weather here in Los Angeles, just in time to make me question my sanity, the H's sanity, the wisdom of all my supportive friends, and the honesty of our upstate NY real estate broker (who keeps telling us how great it is there.) She, in her infinite wisdom, sent us this picture of our soon to be home, just as I was going upstairs to change clothes because my legs were getting too sweaty in jeans and I needed to put on a cotton skirt (and shave said legs) immediately in order to survive the heatwave. Truth be told, I hate 80 degree weather almost any time of year--the only place it should be that hot is in Hawaii, so I say to the cold: Bring it on.


Alto2 said...

The beauty part about living in a cold climate is that you can go for weeks without shaving your legs. Unless the spouse complains, who cares! Life in LA may be sunny and warm and fabulous, but life in upstate NY will be grounded and sane and very real. I went to college in upstate NY, and it still feels like home.

Mieke said...

Are those structures on your land? I love the porch around the house. So many great things to do there. Does it face the west? Will you watch the sunset or sunrise from there?

Alto2 said...

Just tell me it's not in Oswego, otherwise your housewarming gift may be a crate of snow shovels! The property is positively pastoral. Cue Beethoven. When is moving day?