Fourteen inches

Snow, you gutter-minded readers. Snow. At the new house. And to answer others' questions, yes, those outbuildings are ours, too. One is an old dairy barn, which sometime in the last half century was converted to an 18 stall stable. I do not have 18 horses. I do not know anyone with 18 horses. Madness, you ask? Entirely possible, especially given that the other building (the one without the gorgeous arched roof) is the largest indoor riding arena in the county. I don't think there's any medicine that will heal this particular disease, though the book our dear friends gave the H for his birthday yesterday may help. Barnyard in your Backyard. They win the birthday prize for this year, for sure.


Mieke said...

But you will have horses and ponies (a Fjord for the kids?), and goat and chickens. You have to have chickens. There's nothing better than fresh eggs. And you'll bring your dogs of course because they have to chase off the fox who will try to eat your chikens.

Alto2 said...

Looks like "Farm Animals for Dummies". Cock-a-doodle-doo and moo to you, too! In the same vein, you should re-read, "Moo, Baa, and Lalala" by Sandra Boynton and "Click, Clack Moo" by Doreen Cronin. ;-)