So much to write about, so little time.

I am, slowly, getting my act together to move my blog (and, uh, actually write the damn thing) off Salon and onto this site. The process is slow because I'm lazy, I just got back from vacation, and I find the technical challenges of any move nearly insurmountable, even, it appears, when all I have to move is a bunch of lines of code. Oh well. It'll come together soon, I hope, and I'll make this site feel like my own. I kind of understand, contemplating this change, why Kristal is constantly changing her theme, adding and subtracting toos, etc. This site feels like an unfamiliar hotel room, while the old one felt like my office, cluttered and messy, but full of the things I know.

I am boring even myself with this, so enough. I'm going to keep working out the kinks and hopefully will have this site humming any day now...

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