Twitter is the new Blog

Sorry about that. I've been tweeting up a storm, but alas, blogging has been elusive. To recap, a few bullet points:

  • We had the Gillibrand/Obama fundraiser, which went really well. We raised a fair bit of money, had 25% of our town's registered Dems there, plus a lot of folks from other places, and proved, I think, to the local party that there is a younger crowd (when I say younger, what I mean is: middle aged) waiting to be tapped. All good. Plus Marshall Crenshaw came and played a couple of tunes, and that's just cool.
  • The day of the fundraiser and the following day, we had family visiting from L.A. We had a fabulous, fun visit, and I think we all ended the weekend feeling warm and fuzzy about each other, which was exactly what we all needed and wanted. It was great.
  • The next day, the kidlets started school. Dido LOVES school this year, loves it more than he ever has, wakes up in the morning raring to go to the point that he gets dressed and often MAKES HIS BED, unprompted. Let's just say that this is unprecedented. The Babe, while slightly less enthusiastic, is subject to the contagion of her brother's good mood, and thus, mornings have been easier.
  • That Friday, I had a big meeting on my double secret project, which went well, though it entailed (I kid you not) hair and makeup. See that pic up above? That's what I look like with hair and makeup. Don't get used to it.
  • Sometime over the weekend, Fiammo, aka the mighty hunter--not, got outside and came back with a weepy eye, which got worse and worse. Monday morning I took him to the vet, only to learn that he had managed to get a puncture wound in his eye. Since that initial visit, we've been medicating daily and have visited the vet three times. Ah, parenthood.
  • The following Monday, we had an impromptu overnight visit from the H's agent and his (the agent's, not the H's--not as far as I know) girlfriend. Apparently, Hollywood will hunt you down. I'm pretty sure when the four of us lunched at our favorite Hudson creperie we made the owner's week. (Ok, in my own defense about this blatant celeb-y news: it's for my best friend from elementary school, who loves this stuff. Blame lovely Mary. Mary, I hope you like this one!)
  • The rest of the week, I was working on the double secret project, working on my (weekly--check 'em out) story for Rural Intelligence, and prepping for our local literary shindig, the "Festival of Books." We had two of the authors (Lily Tuck and Mary Gordon) as our houseguests over the weekend, and I attempted to moderate two author readings/discussions (Lily and Sheila Weller.) I did a better job at the second than the first, much to my chagrin, but the audiences were engaged and asked good questions, and I think the authors were pretty happy--and that's what matters most. In between the two panels, I coordinated desserts for the big dinner shindig for the Festival.
  • This Monday....what the hell happened on Monday? I have no idea. I think I got some writing done. I think. I think I went back to the vet. Again. Or maybe that was Friday? Oh, I know why I don't remember: memory is kind, and allows us to block the things we can't bear. Monday was the day that Dido got the stomach flu, stayed home from school, and the Babe pitched a world-class, diva temper tantrum to try to avoid the cosmic injustice of attending school when her brother was busy running from bed to toilet. While she lost the battle, the outcome of the war remains to be determined. We were twenty minutes late, and both breathing heavily, when I finally, gratefully, deposited her at school.
  • Yesterday, I was down in the barn doing some long overdue chicken primping and cleaning, and felt a twinge in my lower back. This is not a new problem for me: the first time my back "went out", I was standing in the ladies' room at J. Walter Thompson (the ad agency where I worked after I graduated from college). In my own personal Peggy Olson moment, I had to gingerly navigate back to my cubicle and try to make it through the rest of the day in excruciating pain. (As I write this, I am remembering that this was actually not the first episode--how odd. The first time was actually when I was working in a gourmet food shop on Martha's Vineyard. I had totally forgotten. Funny. I digress.) This time seemed mild to moderate, until today, when I had to drive Dido to Springfield, Massachusetts (about 75 miles away) for a follow-up go round with the super duper Orthopedists at Shriner's Hospital. When we arrived, I couldn't get out of the car. No fun for me, and scary for poor Dido. I finally managed to hoist myself out, get him to and through his appointment (he's fine, but the experience today freaked him out because there were some seriously ill and disabled kids at the hospital; seeing them he described as both "scary and sad" and I have to agree. As always, he conducted himself like a total champ: courteous, cooperative and kind. I adore this kid. He is such a love.) We hopped (or, in my case, hobbled) back into the car and headed for Lenox so he could get at least half his school day. When we arrived, I was able to get out to walk him in--hooray! My euphoria was short lived: I collapsed to my knees in the middle of the driveway, just as the landscaper's truck was trying to drive out. Jordan was mortified, and scared that I was going to be roadkill. I managed to, literally, crawl out of the way, and after a few horrible moments, I pulled myself to a stand with his help and walked him into his classroom. I've spent the rest of the day lying in John's special zero gravity fancy-pants back chair, heavily medicated.
I twittered last week that I was fantasizing about knitting, alone, in a quiet room, but this is not the catalyst I imagined. I'll trade the knitting for mobility, thank you very much...Mom, Dan, Chris--am I forgiven? I hope so! (And is everyone proud of me for getting through this whole, long post without once mentioning Voldemort Sarah Palin?)



Dan Shaw said...

Welcome back, Paige. I am sorry to hear about your back. How do you feel about accupuncture?

mitch said...

Thank you for the catch-up!! Hope you feel well soon.

rebecca said...

PO! (I can't remember if you use your full real name here or not, but please picture it in huge all caps): Will you please take care of yourself?? I think the gods are trying to tell you something!

rebecca said...

And PS you look gorg, as usual.

Wordgirl said...

Well there's so much to say!!

First off - you are gorgeous -- with and without the makeup...

um -- and I finally had had enough I HAD to let it out on the Palin thing...

did you say Mary Gordon stayed at your house? I am officially incredibly jealous -- I have a good friend who ran Literary Arts in Portland, OR for quite some time and I have to say I miss the literary world...not that I was ever anything more than on its fringes..I have considered trying to get involved again here in MPLS...more on this later...

What I wouldn't give for enthusiasm about school...in our house it is a STRUGGLE.

But then again, apparently, so is novel writing. Blame twitter.


I love to learn about your life -- and I hope your back is well on its way to behaving again..



charperwhit said...

So great to discover your blog! Missing you and your candor, cooking and humor! Please take care of yourself; I hope your back is giving you less trouble by now. Please e-mail or call if you get a free moment, or at least advise of any possible trips to LA. We miss you terribly -- especially now, as we conclude this election cycle...may the country vote for CHANGE!
Hugs to H, Dido and the Babe...

goodfellow said...

Great picture!

Sorry to hear about your back -- chiropractor?

You seem to be having exciting literary times... sounds like great fun.

And Voldemort is Karl Rove, who has his greasy black fingers all over McCain's campaign (albeit by proxy). Read the NYTimes this morning, and was profoundly depressed as a result.

Angelique said...

Oh nooos! Hope you are feelin groovy by now. If it's any consolation I can commiserate: I locked myself out of the house last week, threw my back out looking for the (missing) hide-a-key, had to climb the fence from the neighbor's yard (ow) and break in a back window to get the house/car keys so I could pick up the (waiting) kids from school. I find a gin/lithium cocktail helps immensely.

Stacey said...

Hi Page -

I discovered your blog this morning via Suvir Saran's glorious Web site. I'm also an upstate food writer (did a few things for Dinnerwhere? this year also) and am always happy to connect with other writers.

Your story intrigues me because I've always dreamt of starting anew and relocating to glamorous, sunny, L.A. (I grew up near Lake George). It just seems like you could never be down in the dumps in a place like that. Of course, I'm probably over-romanticizing it, easy to do when you only visit.

Your Bountiful Harvest blog is gorgeous. And I agree on the comforting qualities of poached chicken...mine must be served with an avalanche of dumplings though...then I'm in a state of bliss, no pharmacy prescription necessary.

If you have any questions about the Albany region and points north, feel free to give a shout. And welcome to the east coast!

- Stacey

zilekulmod productions said...

Paige--let's try to get together sometime soon! Love catching up with you on the blog, but would rather have time to talk...

Much love to you,