Oh me, oh my

What a month we're having. Unlike last month, which was full of doom and scares, this one has been busy, and full of friends, but still...phew. I am whipped. I haven't had so much work to do in, oh, the last five years (work work, you know, not the Domestic Management that sucks up my brain and energy all day, every day, no matter what. That is NOT a complaint. Not exactly, anyway. But I'm not sure where the work fits. Oh, right: that's what I should be doing now, instead of stream of consciousness blogging. Fine. Be that way.) Ok, so: we went to Maine, where we may have been the only folks to think that three days straight of drenching rain was just fine, such a good time we were having with our lovely and beloved friends. We had one glorious day, which we spent evenly divided between our dear friends' own little beaches (really, how spoiled are we? Very. Though perhaps not as spoiled as our dear ones, who are spending the whole summer on those lovely slices of sand and seaglass!) Then a long drive home in driving rain punctuated, rather dramatically, by slashes of lightning. I blared Tom Petty, hunched over the wheel, and powered through. We got home in time to recover for a day before my mom arrived for Dido's birthday, which was today. We got him a new bike, went out to lunch, played at home, baked a cake, and went out to his favorite restaurant. Tomorrow? Up early to visit the horses, then the day with mom and kids, more of same on Friday, with a column to finish and another to write, not to mention work due for two new projects. Have I mentioned, oh me, oh my?

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Gina Hyams said...

Did you decide yes to the horses?