Lots of clever titles, come and gone

I've gotten back in the infuriating and unproductive habit of mental posting. John is in L.A. for a week, which means I'm flying solo with the kids, but I kind of like it, in spite of adventures that have included power and phone outages, a possibly broken toe (mine), a near miss with a New York State Trooper (Merry Christmas, again), several episodes of pee on the floor (child, not puppy), one mysterious animal skeleton on the mudroom floor and the joy of tax prep. I've had one glass of wine since the H left, and I think that's VERY impressive.

Meanwhile, bucolic joys continue.

Witness my chickens, my commute, and my view. Life could be much, much worse.


Alto2 said...

Greetings from your former home, smog and all. As luck or fate would have it, we had dim sum at Empress Pavilion this morning and toured the Disney Hall at noon. The dim sum was pretty good, but the hall was phenomenal. I never thought I would like Gehry's work so much, but I do. We also hit Joe's in Venice Beach, which was excellent. Totally loving the weather and hating the traffic. Who the hell designed I-405? Satan?? NY is so much better.

Mieke said...

Only ONE glass of wine??? You are a superhero.

The smog is overwhelming in your old neck of the woods. It's starting to get bad by the sea too. You're doing the right thing by leaving the world of cars, pollution, and consp. consumption.


rebecca said...

You mean, like, before breakfast, right?

pierre said...

Join the club! I broke my toe at the ambassador's residence, having tea with his lovely wife! (there is now a silk pillow with a watermark of my toe...)

I want to hear more about the chickens!

Speaking of which, we are going throush croup this week (coop, croup...)

lldv said...

Wow. The chickens are growing fast. Would you consider your posting a productive form of therapy? If so, I should consider it, too. My little one sends yours a big hello. He was asking about his haircut and if it's all grown back yet.