Proud moments in parenting, part I

Item: on Tuesday, with Dido home from school puking and....running, I went down to the basement to iron rather than hang out with him and the Babe.

Item: yesterday, I sat in the bathroom crying because the Babe, who is now back in her crib after a brief vacation for no one in a big girl bed, still refused to take a nap.

Item: during said crying jag, the Babe followed me into the bathroom, saying "No cry, mommy. No cry."

Item: this morning, when I refused to find the Transformers cartoons on YouTube for him, Dido told me I was the meanest mom ever, and no one likes me very much.

Item: after that outburst, he remembered to mention that the reason he slept in our bed last night was because he peed in his.

Item: the H rolled out of bed awakened by Pasha this morning, but instead of just stumbling out with her for a morning pee, he took the time to find me (reading emails in my office at 6:30) and give her to me instead for the pee run. As I carried her down the stairs, I felt something warm cascading down my right leg.

Is it too early for a cocktail?


Alto2 said...

As Garth says, "It's 5:00 somewhere." Yes, you may have a cocktail, as long as it's not yellow. Ahem. Hope your day improves from there.

Leslie said...

would be lovely if you emailed your former BFF in los angeles after 2 months away. would leave less time for tears

Chloe said...

you could call Los Angeles when you are having a bad morning - remember the three hour time difference and I promise a sympathetic ear

Mieke said...

What Chloe said!

We miss you but you sounded so happy with your new life that I can't pout that much. You and Francesca have really carved out great spaces for yourselves.

We want to come visit!

Matty P said...

I highly recommend a cocktail. Why don't you come down to the city and grab one with me?