Our story thus far

After an epic journey--through the highways and byways of Google, mind you, merely to log in to this &*(^^%))_ blog, I am back. As per usual, I've been doing a great deal of FANTASTIC writing in my head. Not so helpful for my loyal readers. It's late, and I've had too much white wine (with a very good, if not great, shiitake mushroom risotto the H and I enjoyed for dinner, accompanied by incredible parmesan smuggled upstate in an enormous block by our dear Jerry. Up here, it's $17.99/lb., and just ok. In Little Italy, it's 30% less, and divine. God bless Jerry, and the Italian cows.) Due to the hour and the wine, this will be brief, but: we are MOVED. Not in, mind you, but moved.

Wildly unfurnished and unpacked, highly disorganized, but we are here. Dido loves his new school so much that it makes me wonder what the hell was wrong with the old one. The Babe is so lonely that every time she sees a child near her age, she stalks them through whatever public place we happen to find ourselves in, until they take pity (on me? on her?) and deign to converse. We've gotten several phone numbers this way. If I had had a lonely two year old daughter back when I was single and dating, I would likely have gotten laid a whole lot more. We are all....adjusting. The H has had several nervous breakdowns, but is now seeming to get into the groove of empty streets and pleasant service people. I'm waiting to make a friend, and remembering how truly hard that is, when you are starting from ground zero. Is it the sweet woman in the funky rug store? The mother of the boy Jordan has become smitten with at school? I don't know. I had a moment of real loneliness this weekend, but mostly, I am ok. I look out at the fields and hills and woods and sky that surround our home and I cannot believe I am allowed to live this way.


Kel said...

making friends from zero is hard, but you have kids, surely that means you're starting at 2.4 at least :)

Alto2 said...

Yay! You're back! I've missed you.

Now, as for making friends in small towns ... I can help you with that. We moved from Miami to a small town in Central PA 15 years ago and stayed for 8 years. Wherever I walked, shopped, banked, etc. in town, I chatted with people. I didn't have any kids then, so making friends was harder. My first friends were some older people, merchants and such. Church/synagogue is another place to meet people.

Since you've got a kid in school, why don't you host a coffee or get-to-know-you breakfast. If you don't want to have it at home, then see if the moms would meet at the local Denny's or b-fast spot. See what you can do about getting your 2 y/o into a little playgroup or music program. Your local library may host storytimes for kids her age. Go to the local playground, after school, and see what interesting folks are there.

Remember, it took you months (years?) to plan and prepare for this move. It will take you months to get settled and organized. Thankfully, it's Spring and hopefully beautiful there. Upstate NY should be magnificent in summer.

Mieke said...

I am so glad you're posting again. We need pictures and more writing.

Monika said...

Great to see you again Paige!

Thought that you had actually stopped blogging!

Your life sounds eerily like mine these days, albeit you moved somewhere they speak English (oh the bookstores...the magazines!!! Can you imagine $12 - $15 for a decor magazine here!). And we have no mice (but we do have wicked spiders). I am betting you have everything unpacked before I do!