Late to the technology party

The darling Jefferson, handsome spouse of the lovely Mieke, clued me in to the wonders of RSS the other day, and my life is forever changed. I had an RSS aggregator on my old Salon blog homepage (the control page, not the public page) but I never bothed to use it; most of the feeds I subscribed to there weren't, as it turned out, the things I really wanted to read.

After I emailed a few of my few loyal readers to let them know of my blog's new location, he emailed me to let me know that my feed wasn't working properly. An exchange including a lot of "huh?"s (all from me) ensued. The upshot is that last night, I downloaded Sage, Firefox's add-on feed reader, and now, I know whenever there's a new post on most of my favorite blogs. Those of you who don't have feeds, like Ben and Anna, are bumming me out. I LOVE this technology. Love it. It saves time in a real way--it's kind of like Tivo for my Mac.

I know, I know. I'm behind. But I'm catching up.

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